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API documentation


Our Company API is only available over secure HTTPS connection and all requests must include https:// to make them secure.


OrgInfo handles inevitable changes in API with URI versioning, with the API version embedded in the URL path. Our APIs are prefixed with `/data/`.

The current version of our API is v1.

A new version of the API will be released when changes are backwards incompatible. We strongly recommend that you test the APIs well with the latest version when you upgrade.


Your API key is used to authenticate you as a valid user and must be provided for all API calls using the key URL parameter. To get a valid API key, please sign up as a OrgInfo user and your key is displayed on your dashboard.

Query parameters

Apart from the API key, a single, valid IP address or website domain must be provided as an input parameter. IP address can be in IPv4 or IPv6 format





A JSON response is provided, with the following fields:

Usage count

Only APIs that return a response will be counted towards your free/monthly quota.

Rate/quota limit

If your API usage exceeds the free quota or monthly limits associated with your paid subscription, the API will return 429 HTTP status code.

Sample queries & responses

Query using IP addresshttps://api.orginfo.io/data/v1/org/company?key=XXXXXXXXXX&ip=


      type: “business”,
      name: "Tesla Inc.",
      website: "https://www.tesla.com",
      industry: “Automotive",
      linkedinURL:  “https://www.linkedin.com/company/tesla-motors",
      employeeCount: “10,001+ employees",
      headquarterAddress: "3500 Deer Creek Road, Palo Alto, CA 94304",
      headquarterCity: “Palo Alto",
      headquarterRegion: “California",
      headquarterCountry: “United States”,
      naicsIndustry: “3361:Motor Vehicle Manufacturing“

Query using website domainhttps://api.orginfo.io/data/v1/org/company?key=XXXXXXXXXX&domain=ibm.com


      name: "IBM",
      website: "https://www.ibm.com",
      industry: "Information Technology and Services",
      linkedinURL: "https://www.linkedin.com/company/ibm",
      employeeCount: "10,001+ employees",
      headquarterAddress: "New Orchard Road, Armonk, New York, NY 10504",
      headquarterCity: "Armonk",
      headquarterRegion: "New York",
      headquarterCountry: "United States",
      naicsIndustry: “3361:Motor Vehicle Manufacturing“