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IP to Company data API

With OrgInfo, a service by Delve AI, you can turn an IP address into enriched company data.

Uncover anonymous visitors, identify companies, customize experiences and more.

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All company attributes
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All company attributes
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Attributes List

    Name & type
  •     Type
  •     Name
    Industry & size
  •     Industry
  •     Employee count
    Online presence
  •     Website
  •     LinkedIn URL
    Headquarter location
  •     Headquarter address
  •     Headquarter city
  •     Headquarter region
  •     Headquarter country

Use cases

Website visitor tracking

● Identify companies that visit your website
● Track behavior and see what they're interested in

Web & mobile personalization

● Personalize content presented to users
● Improve lead/buyer conversions with dynamic content

Traffic filtering

● Scrub your traffic of bots & other valueless traffic
● Filter companies based on industry & employee count

Telecom & cloud/hosting data

● Get data on network carriers and hosting providers
● Identify security and SEO scanners

Businesses across the globe use OrgInfo

How to use OrgInfo API?

https://api.orginfo.io/data/v1/org/company?key=[API key]&ip=[IP address]

Sample response for IP address

      type: “business”,
      name: "Tesla Inc.",
      website: "https://www.tesla.com",
      industry: “Automotive",
      linkedinURL:  “https://www.linkedin.com/company/tesla-motors",
      employeeCount: “10,001+ employees",
      headquarterAddress: "3500 Deer Creek Road, Palo Alto, CA 94304",
      headquarterCity: “Palo Alto",
      headquarterRegion: “California",
      headquarterCountry: “United States”

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